1994 Ski-Doo MX to MXZX comparison


We just picked up a 94 MXZX.  I was surprised to find the differences that I have.  Here are a few.

MX pics on the Left, MXZX on the Right.



The mx uses mechanical brakes, the MXZX uses hydraulic.  This is the first sled since the circle track race Blizzards to use hydraulic for ski-doo according to "the collectors guide to ski-doo".



The MXZX has a quick coupler in the coolant line, whereas the MX does not.


The MXZX had provisions cast into the cylinders for Rave valves, but were never utilized. The engine also has  triple ports, the cylinder is cast iron lined, a longer duration rotary valve and a different expansion chamber are also different.


The front suspension is almost completely different.  Note the different steering arms, the MXZX has an adjustable sway bar, and chrome molly trailing arms.


Note the difference in the dimmer switch.


The MXZX has smaller oil and coolant reservoirs.  I am guessing to save weight.


Also the MXZX came with rebuildable shocks, and different ski's.


A picture of the MXZX hood graphics.


Just some things I found interesting about these sleds.