Ski-Doo Rev 800 HO Renegade Rebuild

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I purchased a slightly wrecked 800 HO Rev to rebuild and build like I want it.


As I purchased it.  I am not sure why I didn't take more pics before I tore it apart, but here is the only picture that I have!

2004 Rev Renegade 800 HO with DPM.

Some of the goodies

It had hit something which had brought the "nun" back on the left and damaged the bulkhead.  A person could have straightened it, but I decided to replace the nun so I could fix some of the other components better.  It also gave me an excuse to use a bunch of 440 sno cross pieces!

Most of the sled tore apart.  I had not intended on pulling the engine, that is why it is still in there.  I did end up pulling it to enable installation of rivets for the center engine bracket. 

Stock nun on the left, 440 nun on the right.  Note the extra bracing.

Showing the plate behind the nun. Replacing the nun allowed replacement of this item.

Some damage that I did not expect.  This is after I have pulled it out.

I replaced the inner brace with a new one.

,And then to add some strength I added a second modified brace to the outside.

The new panel being fitted.

The Nun and other parts being test fitted.

One of the 440 braces that I added.

Another 440 brace behind the steering post.

This is a brace made to reinforce the shock supports.  This is not a Ski-Doo item. 


A little surprise that I found.  The lower chaincase gear had come loose, you can see the imprint in the case cover.  Fortunately no damage was done.

While in the chaincase I dropped the gearing down a tooth.

The removal of the standard mag side brace.  The chaincase has to be removed to install the new brace.

The 440 piece in place.  Notice it is a lot beefier.

The front structurally done and getting cleaned up.

Starting to mock fit everything.

OK, now a little fun.  to the paint.

Ski-Doo plastic is paintable, but it has to be done properly.  Also the texture of the parts gives us a challange. 

I did not try to eliminate all of the texture, but I did try to minimize it.  Different pieces have varying amounts of texture to them.  It would take a lot of work to make them perfectly smooth.  It could be done.


  1. Clean with hot soapy water very thoughly.

  2. Clean with a plastic cleaner such as RM 902, Dupont 2320, Dupont 2310 and scuff with a red rag.

  3. If in doubt, repeat.

  4. Apply an adhesion promoter such as RM 865, Dupont 2330

  5. Seal using a flexed urethane sealer.

  6. Top coat as desired using flexed products when applicable.

Playing with colors

A black sealer applied first.

Then RM Extreme (color changing paint) applied to selected areas.

The custom silver flake over the black base.  This is required for this flake to give it more reflection.

This is RM D-121 flake.

Red candy applied over the the silver.

The red is a mixture of custom pearl and candy apple/fuchsia mix top coat. 

This is RM Carizzma candy paint, not just called "candy apple".

The sled is starting to come together

The first maiden voyage.  Black USI skis were already ordered :)

Notice the different windshield?

I had too much front ski pressure, hit a icy, gravel mix, the back end came around, put it on it's side, and broke the windshield.  I decided I wanted a fixed windshield anyway, and went to this one!

Just about finished.  I still have the orange foot rests to paint.

In WI Feb 2008 with 30 miles on it before I left.  The only problem was I fouled a set of plugs from running a little rich.  I would call that a success!

A couple of updated pictures from 2009!