1994 Ski-Doo MX 470


This sled is guilty of getting me back into sledding in the fall of 2003.  I purchased this from a friend that had upgraded to a 1998 Polaris 600 XLT.  I had not ridden a snowmobile since my 1975 Mercury SR440 in the early 80's.  WOW was that an eye opener!!!!

This sled now has just over 5000 miles and still has 135 lbs compression.  I call it the "little sled that can".  It takes a beating and doesn't even whimper.  It keeps up to 600 CC sleds on the trails.  This sled will do 85 by the GPS.  It is a light and easy to ride sled.   I will try and get some better pictures of this sled.

This summer we are putting an SC10 suspension from a Mach Z in it, along with taller front shocks and springs to compensate.  It is also getting Ski-Doo Flex Ski's, and a new seat and track.  I'll have some pictures of this as we go.  Who knows, it may become a 670 sleeper some day:)

A picture before the tear down.

The start of the installation, more pictures to come.

sc10sc7.jpg (97042 bytes)

A comparison of the two skids.  The SC10 is noticeably lighter also.

470oldstylebracket.jpg (27796 bytes)

The old bracket that was removed.  To remove rivets I take a drill and drill them out with a bit the same size as the OD of the Rivet.

470newstylebracket.jpg (25978 bytes)


The new style bracket that we riveted into place.  I will post dimensions after we have ridden the sled and are happy with the results. The new bracket was riveted in place with Steel rivets.  Stainless steel could be used, but steel was good enough for Ski-doo. I would not recommend aluminum rivets.

bracketwvisegrips.jpg (36231 bytes)

Snowing brackets being held in place with vise grips.

470skidrivets.jpg (164630 bytes)

470rivets2.jpg (58439 bytes)

The rear brackets were drilled out and new brackets for the SC10 riveted in.  Here I have left the original holes "open" so that they can be distinguished from the replaced rivets.  I will put "dummy" rivets in for aesthetic reasons.

The old bracket could have been removed and reinstalled in the correct location, but we decided to use the correct bracket for this skid.

470skidinplace.jpg (62858 bytes)


Here is a shot with the skid basically bolted in, with minor adjustments left to do.

While the skid was out we took liberty to replace the track with a decent used track, 121 with 7/8 lugs.  We have installed Flex skis with shaper bar carbides,, rebuilt the front suspension, new shocks from a SC10 sled with matching springs from a Mach Z.

The front radius arms were sandblasted of the original powder coating.  Some people seem to like powder, but I feel rust creeps under it to easy.  This is not good in my opinion.  I used Dupont 25P epoxy 6AL25P,, and clear coated it with Dupont Industrial Clear 611P.  I will put this combination up against powder for durability any day, and it will be far superior for corrosion protection in my opinion.  I also applied some flake in the clear to give it a little nicer touch.

470radiusarms.jpg (15382 bytes)

470armcloseup.jpg (13367 bytes)

Here is a picture of the 470 after the first test run with the SC10.  We ended up having to tighten the limiter straps two notches, and putting a little more spring pressure on the front skis.  We also put on a NOS seat on the sled.

470leftsidesc10.jpg (54923 bytes)

Here is a picture by Lanse MI with the sled.

470wglen.jpg (60346 bytes)