The Silver 1969 Scorpion


This snowmobile was purchased in the summer of 1969 by my father from a person whom won it as a prize on July 4th 1969 in Crosby Minnesota.  Crosby is where the Scorpion was built by Trail A Sled.  The person who won it never rode it, so essentially my father purchased this sled brand new, and everything on it was original from Scorpion as purchased.  

From the information which I have gathered, this sled is quite unique, probably thrown together from research pieces, left over inventory etc.  The engine and clutch are dated 1968 and the engine is a Sachs SA290 (297 CC).  The Chassis is a 1969 Mach I tunnel, with most pieces being standard Mach I pieces.  Items that differ are the chrome skis and the Silver metal flaked hood.  The SA290 was not a standard engine for the Mach I either, nor was it an option.  So essentially we have a Mach I with a larger engine than standard, chrome skis, with a Silver metal flaked hood.  Now the kicker, it was given away as a 1970 Sled and is titled as a 1970 sled.  I am guessing this hood was a test piece since no sleds in 1969 had the metal flaked hood, that began in 1970, and production pieces were red metal flaked for the stinger model only.  Your standard Mach machines were black with the red racing stripe.  If anyone can shed more information as to the origins of this sled, please contact me.

On the Christmas family get together in 2003,  I approached my father about obtaining this sled from him.  It had sat since about 1981.  Fortunately it had been inside most of the time, but had definitely seen it's fair share of abuse (3 (sub)teenage boys, and one teenage father), and 20 plus years of neglect. 


Here are some pictures as I obtained it in 2003 from my father.



So in the Spring of 2004 I started researching the sled so that I could order parts for it.  The project sat somewhat stagnate though the summer before I obtained enough information to start purchasing parts for this sled.  The parts started coming in the fall of 2004.  The sled is starting to come together!  The track is installed (I will post a how to page shortly).  and the chrome is installed.  We hauled to the 2006 Scorpion Reunion and had a good time with many favorable comments.

 scorpionoutside.jpg (52558 bytes)

As I finish the pages of the different phases of the restoration I will add them.

Some interesting parts that I have been able to locate for this sled.  

Hood Restoration

Tunnel Restoration

Track Installation/Update

Engine Restoration

Cosmetic Restoration